CapRok Capital LLC

At CapRok, our focus is based on our founding principles:

  • People and relationships matter
  • Understanding and managing one’s liquidity is paramount

Staying true to these principles, we work to:

  • Advise our clients on liquidity based solutions to their portfolio issues
  • Source investment opportunities with a particular emphasis on off-the-run esoteric credit stories in structured products, real property and corporate credit
  • Provide best execution irrespective of the form of risk being transferred

We execute transactions across a wide range of asset classes including stocks, bonds, loans, derivatives, bankruptcy claims and real estate. Our client base is almost exclusively institutional.

The firm is owned by the partners; we have no outside capital or investors.

We have a team approach to evaluating and placing risk that relies on the particular experience of our personnel in former sales, trading, research and portfolio management seats, typically at bulge bracket investment banks.

We look forward to sharing our vision with you…